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Huisache Biology and Management

Post Written by: Takona Tipton, Texas AgriLife Extension Summer Intern   Publication Available! The more you chop it off, the more it sprouts! Huisache, a common woody shrub found all over South Texas, is comparable to the multi-headed creature in Greek Legends called Hydra. That is, when you cut or shred the top off of a huisache plant, many more grow back in its place! The new publication called Huisache Ecology & Management addresses the plant’s growth habits and explains how landowners can treat and prevent the spread of huisache… Read More →

When to Treat Mesquite?

May is HERE! It’s time to start making plans for any Honey Mesquite leaf-spray applications planned for this Summer.  Making the application during the right time is CRUCIAL for good control.  I’ll be updating this post regularly with information collected or shared from across South Texas, so be sure to check back in!  For step-by-step instructions on doing the leaf-spray method, check out Brush Buster’s: How to Beat Mesquite. What characteristics are we looking for to define the “perfect” spray time? Enough leaf material to take in the… Read More →