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Huisache Biology and Management

Post Written by: Takona Tipton, Texas AgriLife Extension Summer Intern   Publication Available! The more you chop it off, the more it sprouts! Huisache, a common woody shrub found all over South Texas, is comparable to the multi-headed creature in Greek Legends called Hydra. That is, when you cut or shred the top off of a huisache plant, many more grow back in its place! The new publication called Huisache Ecology & Management addresses the plant’s growth habits and explains how landowners can treat and prevent the spread of huisache… Read More →

Plant ID #1: Willow Baccharis

Here’s our first trivia plant identification. Simply be the first to “comment” on this post with the correct common name and I will send you a pair of leather gloves! Thanks to Benny Martinez with Dow AgroSciences for donating the gloves and plant pictures. Read More →

Turkey Pear for Christmas!

Tasajillo, or Turkey Pear as it is often called in South Texas, has added some new color to our drought-ridden landscape in the last few weeks.  It’s bright red fruits are enjoyed by many wildlife species, including our native Rio Grande Wild Turkeys. Tasajillo is in the cactus family and rarely grows more than 5′ tall.  An interesting fact about this cacti is that it has very small leaves, appearing at each cluster of spines when new segments emerge (see picture below). You’ll be more likely to find… Read More →