Useful Publications

Chemical Plant Treatments

ESC 046 – Quick Reference for Common Rangeland and Pasture Herbicides

Calibration Handout

ERM 1466- Chemical Weed and Brush Control Reference Guide for Rangeland

Mesquite Ecology and Management

Huisache Ecology & Management

Broadleaf Weed Management in Texas Rangelands

Brush Busters Publications:

Weed Busters Publications:

Prescribed Burn

Prescribed Range Burning in TX

Planning a Prescribed Burn

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Employee Prescribed Burn Guidelines


Using Livestock to Manage Wildlife Habitat


Economic Impact of Beef Cattle: Stocking Strategies During Drought

Deep Soil Ripping as an Effective and Affordable Water Capture Tool

Land Management

Texas Grass Gathering Presentations

Spanish Names of South Texas Woody Plants

Introduced Bluestem Management

Native Grassland Monitoring and Management

Controlling Brush with Herbicides to Increase Ranch Profits

How Much Forage Do You Have?



Using Goals & Profitability to Determine What to Plant

Reseeding Land with Native Grasses and Plants

Preparing Land for Seeding Native Grasses and Plants

Understanding Native Seed Tags, Storage, and Handling

Choosing Native Seeds for a Planting Mix

Parts of a Seed Drill & Calibration

When to Plant Native Seed and Expectations

Keeping Brush out of Native Grasses and Plants

Youth Education

Ranch Stewardship Activity Book

Ranch Stewardship Activity Book Answer Key


Forage Quality Photo Guide – Evaluating Diet Quality Selected by Grazing Beef Cattle Using Photographic Guidelines

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