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The Plant Party webinar series is a collaboration between Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. These quarterly webinars are meant to promote advanced training on all things plants and to get people excited about the flora of our state.


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Join us for Plant Party #10: 

“Everything Pollinators“, March 29, 2023!

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Would you like to watch an archived Plant Party? Click below to see what you missed!


Plant Party #9 – Planting a Seed – Broadcasted 12-21-2022

Plant Party #8 – If a Tree Falls in the Forest – Broadcasted 9-28-2022

Plant Party #7 – Medicinal and Edible Native Plants – Broadcasted 6-15-2022

Plant Party #7 Webinar Agenda

Native Plant Recipe Book – Download Here!


Plant Party #6: What’s That? Plant ID for Everyone! – Broadcasted 3-30-2022

Plant Party #6 Webinar Agenda

Plant Party #5: Riparian Rendezvous – Broadcasted 12-15-2021

Plant Party #5 Webinar Agenda

Plant Party #4: Foraging into Fall – Broadcasted 09-22-2021

Plant Party #4 Webinar Agenda

Plant Party #3: The Lowdown on Invasives – Broadcasted 06-23-2021

Plant Party #3 Webinar Agenda

Plant Party #2: Talking Ecology – Broadcasted 02-24-2021

Plant Party #2 Webinar Agenda

Plant Party #1: All About Brush – Broadcasted 12-16-2020

Plant Party #1 Webinar Agenda

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