Texas Range Webinar Series

Hosted by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Ecosystem Science and Management Unit



The Texas Range Webinars are designed to provide current rangeland management information to the public.


These webinars are hosted every FIRST THURSDAY of the month at NOON and last for one hour.


Anyone is welcome to watch the live or archived webinars for FREE!  If you would like to receive a Texas Pesticide Applicator CEU for those webinars offering one, you will need to register and pay a $10 fee.


Every other month, the webinar topic will qualify for a Texas Pesticide Applicator Continuing Education Credit (CEU).  You must register through the website and pay $10. The webinar will continue to be offered for a CEU until the end of the month by watching it archived.  For example, if a webinar qualifying for a CEU was giving the first Thursday in March, it will be available for a CEU until March 31st.  Thereafter, you may watch the archived version for free, but will not be able to receive a pesticide CEU.  You will recieve your certificate by email within a month.

Also, all of our 2014 webinars have been approved for the Society for Range Management’s Professional Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  To get credit, contact Vicky Trujillo at vtrujillo@rangelands.org or call 303-986-3892.


Go to naturalresourcewebinars.tamu.edu and click on ‘watch’ , ‘enter’ , or ‘CEU registration’ next to the webinar title.  Beforehand, please go to Adobe Connect Set Up to make sure your system is ready to go!


2015 Texas Range Webinar Schedule


February 5th: CEU: To Spray or Not to Spray, Dr. Vanessa Corriher

Weeds are a common problem among landowners and can be managed with some best management practices. This presentation will include discussion on effective weed control with weed identification, proper timing and herbicide selection. Sandbur control will also be discussed with the use of products such as Pastora, a post-emergent product.

March 5th: Alternative Ranching Operations, Dr. Megan Clayton & Dr. Rick Machen

April 2nd:  CEU: Getting Ready to Treat Mesquite, Dr. Bob Lyons

May 7th: Patch Burning and Grazing: Why it Works & How to Do it, Dr. Bob Lyons with Drs. Morgan Russell & Megan Clayton

June 4th: CEU: How to Manage Mixed Brush in Fencelines & Pastures, James Jackson

July 2nd: Texas Water: Basic Law and Current Hot Topics, Tiffany Dowell

August 6th: CEU: The Unintended Consequences of Brush Management, Dr. Wayne Hanselka

September 3rd: How to Manage Your Forage, Dr. Larry Redmon

October 1st: CEU: Aquatic Vegetation Management, Dr. Todd Sink

November 5th: Soils 101: What you Have and Why it Matters, Dr. Alyson McDonald

December 3rd: CEU: Do-It-Yourself Brush Control Equipment, Dr. Barron Rector



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